art and duesseldorf

what a contrast we have in this town, i never saw so much homelesness in a such a rich place. dusseldorf wants to have a big art event a quadrienale. a big art evente very for years just to be in the safer side. very clever. but the atmosphere is not of a big celebration, really.
the city is booming but the disparity between social economical situation are very presente. no much solidarity aparently.
the photo above could be a installation by elmgreen and dragset but i am quite sure it is the work of some homeless people. this park very near to k21 and the opera was full of them. see photo below

he show from francis baconwas quite impressive.
the bruce newman exhibition was quite ok, but you can see that it is a gallery show not a really great retrospective, as he really deserves fro his work. this show is related to the prize (€E250.000) that he was awarded by the city. in this case they are buying the prestige to have an artists getting their prize, nothing new in the art world but still a provincial attitude.
the worse part of this quadrienale is the pavilion by lupertz. is quite sureal to see next to the bilding where is bruce newman show. but the caravaggio exhibition i can not even talk about it, just for you to have an idea we could not see it till the end. enough is enough.

with friends from the kunstverein we went to a small exhibition space. i asked some artists what they think about of this spetacle that the city try to pull off. they said that the local artists are the ones that do enjoy it the less, because they can not be part of it at all.

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