what makes new art so worthy

the new exhibition in mmk in frankfurt really make some people think, what make artworks, that are very new, to get such an attention curatorial and moneywise? one thing for sure, when you see the works of simon dybbroe moller next to some many great artists and not only next to it but reflecting upon these young old masters like donald judd, walter de maria, jo baer, warhol's "white disaster II", jim dime's "black bathroom #1" to mention some, we see that at the moment is there a good production of art that has its focus in the quality of the discurse that they try to evoque and not their formal terms alone, which is the most case in the art jungle we can find in every other art fair and bienalle.
in this case with - kapital - blue chips and masterpieces - the new exhibitonat MMK goes farther to realce the excellent colleting hand from a privite and professinal eye of rolf rick. rick was a gallerist and collector of rare qualities. just to mention two special picks of him, the works from steven parrino and barry le va.

frankfurt is establishing itself as an art vortex in the last few years. not only that here are so many artists working in such a qualitative manner, like simon moller, but the discurse around the art production has been very accentuated. artists like willem de rooij, simon starling and mark leckey are working in the art academy here.
we can also thank, that people like daniel birnbaum is in town, if you read his new book chronology lunched last fall, you will know what i am talking about. because in the ultra production of everything, including art, in this moment and time, there is so many_ do not needed_ productions out there.

in the end what make new art so worthy is the masterpieces that inspired the make of the new art.

video of the piece by elain sturtvan. a copy of felix gonzales torres piece in a room by carl ostendarp decorated with warhol, lichtenstein and wesselman.

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