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give it up to so last season

daniel birnbaum writes, in texte zur kunst _The future of art is money. And the future has arrived:...(nothing new, acctually, in this statement)
some others critics from germany, after seen the documenta 12 and the venice biennale, became so depressed that are saying "the future of art has no future" maybe they are right. what we saw all over europe mega art summer is _so last season_.
perhaps fashion is the future of art, like it's past was, in the last half century. if we keep orientating ourselves through art centers like new york and london. just take the "white cube" as reference.

as we know, by the latest news, auction houses like sotheby's and christies are about to buy big and important galleries. that way will be easier to have control and influence in the production and marketing of art.

maybe will be more art and art statements made in fashion than in so called art places these days. just take a look at the _so last season_ creations.

remember? duchamp said _ try to make art without making an art piece.
understanding duchamp

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