dontneed.org will be on

today monday the 3.3.2008

dontneed.org will celebrate its launching from 8pm on***

come and join us at oppenheimerstr. 43,  frankfurt am main

there will be a live interview with boris the "bunny releaser" and kaspar knigge direct from copenhagen 'Ö'Ö'Öand we will be able to watch jorma foth "calling gregorio"hanna hildebrand will be around talking without words. ayaka okutsu will chat with saul judd, the lights will be by lasse schmit hansen, videosounds by duft punk and duft champ by ilja karilampi spacial energy appearance by agassi bangera.

great shout to mathias wollin*, kolja remke*, adreas dehlinger*, shane munro*, dana munro,* christian tonner, sascha hanssen* micha,* lasse schmidt hansen,* städel academy,*

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