amy granat and the materiality of film

it is very nice to see today somebody using film in such an elegant way like amy granat does. the works of amy granat are very much in tune with the materiality of film. her use of old material as appropriation or her use of the film negatives to construct new images give us a great insight in this old but ever changing media. in her solo show at basis in frankfurt give us a good idea how much still there to be explore around this fine beauty that is "film" itself. in one of her installations she creates a celebration of the fine moment of the film leftovers. black and white film may sounds nostalgic but it is a great way to see the future of the film abstractionism that is yet to come to the big screens or maybe will stay in the small screens and black cuber for ever. maybe amy will be able to bring it to the big screen one day. her drawings and big photo images are also part of this great show. amy works remind us of the great the tradition of film pieces by viking eggelin, like symphonie diagonale to mantion one of his masterpieces of 1927.

in the art side we have him with "anemic cinema" ,1926

what strikes me in the work of amy granat is the fine tuning that she is able to perform in combining the old and the new films technics. her installations are not made using film projectors in an eternal loop mode, they are visual sculptures.

below is amy granat at work in her installation at the "confort moderne" show in paris.

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