the real web_art

artist are producing loads of projects on the web, some more successful then others. but publishing on the net seems to be one of the most successful ones.

the real web_art is, actually, the transportation of art material in the web, through the web, with the web. most of the so called internet art or web art are not that solid enough in their contents and can become a very boring nonsense and a wast of time with lots of visual rubbish on the top of it. because the web changes so fast web art or net art can become just irrelevant for the art discourse that we are having now, which is the act of "negotiation" in and with the means of production of art.

to proove my point here is a successful web-based project xym that is a magazine_like platform which gives artists the opportunity to showcase some of their works online becoming this way part of this web_magzine. for a period of time anybody can download the material and choose to print or not. using images and texts. it is a old practice in a new package! cheers to the makers of xym.com marlie mul and yngve hole.

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