on performance and art coexistence

the series of performances by adrian william for hers and michael pfrommer show in the portikus were quite intense. she presented some of her new writing material and build by the end of the series an operatic situation. the experience is almost like to be in a film without the celluloid component. in the tradition of the great john cage adrian does in this group of new works a mix of life _art_goes_real_fiction with a great musical composition and performances some irony and poesie. 

michael for his part delivered a stunning body of paintings that encapsule his long practice. even if the works of adrian and michael are presented in separated rooms they do show the intensity that can be generated if you are a couple, lovers and partner in life and art and in art and in life. they met at the städel art academy some years ago and since then decided to take a journey together. the results are amazing.

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