going to the battlefield or a party with liat yossifor paintings

if to paint is to have an out of the body experience liat yossifor is enjoying some amazing out of the body journeys. in her new show 'double life' at anita becker's gallery she is presenting a group of some performative works that could be result of that possible experience. the gesture, the materialization of space and the encounter with the various subject and actions that somehow must be going trough yossifor's mind and body, while she executes and in between process of doing it, bring us to fantasize about places, movements and millions of things that we still looking for as humans in this age of spectacle; just to mention the visionary guy debord.

today we have the choice to be flooded with imageries from our home to the next gas station, at our own home on the internet; or any other flix. therefore lets enjoy the ride with liat. we may end up in a party but we may join our own battlefields. but her paintings will be much easy on our eyes then M.t.fee!

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