air and site specific installations

an air tunnel or "Plastikluftdurchgang" was constructed to allow the air to go through a home without invade it. that is what
carl palm did at exhibition-space TSCHOPERL in frankfurt. we will have more on that, with carl himself, later on.

to realise this work carl had to remove the windows for the entire time of the installation. that mean britta and klaus, the residents of teh space and producers of the exhibition, must endure the elements. april in germany is know for be a very funny weather month.

carl is back from chine, and here is what here want to say about his site specific work "Plastik Luft Durch Gang"

"Plastik Luft Durch Gang" has its starting point in a sculpture, constructed out of plastic foil, metal strings and screws, forming and following the measures of the two connected window, sized down in three steps thru the possibilities and physio- practical restrictions of the apartment, the inhabitants living conditions and a special care for the air.

I thought of the construction as a possibility for the air to transport thru the building in both directions without mixing with the air from the inside. I like the thought of separating something un- separable, dreamlike, magical thought or feelings giving you the sense of something impossible and awkward. Constructed with partly raw material and in some cases in a brutal way. The installation takes over almost the hole space/ apartment and suggests the visitors to move around and under it if they want to experience its total size or function.

A note on the two doors leading out of the apartment told people to keep the doors closed to enhance the fact of separation of air which created a super warm, low oxygen- leveled space with torture like beautiful sights and sound of the fresh air flowing freely thru the passage, from one window to the other without helping anybody on the inside with the air they needed.

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