democracy is dead - viva la democracia

cristoph büchel managed again to get the americans to face their own contraditions. this time with the help, or not, of a museum. after stage the guantanamo piece _ "guantanamo initiative"_ an installation that proposes to take over the u.s. lease of the military base on cuba's southeastern coast and turn the area -- now used as a concentration camp for prisoners of war -- into a cultural center. the neo-conceptual artwork features an aerial photo of the base, several documents and representative copies of the annual lease payments from the u.s. government -- checks for a comical $4,085 (which the cuban government has been rejecting since the 1959 communist revolution)_in miami last year with gionni motti.
now is the massmoca the stage to another coup d'artiste.

oliver ressler is trying also to do his american democracy demontage with the fly direct democracy. this project is going around europe and probably will not make to the democratic side of the atlantic.

_a final note_
americans revealed, a long time ago, in funny comedy shows like the family monster, their views and true about their own democracy .

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