public vandalism

how nice is public vandalims, at list the ones ishuh does
photographs anyway. most of it were photographed in brooklyn.
a very arty place. more at insuh yoon


catch up with lisa harlev

"My Own Country," 2005 © lise halev
lithographic offset prints, 59,4 x 84 cm

if you are around berlin i am sure is worth to see the show www.howtodothings.net with lise harlev
is quite interesting how she is being dealing with the complexty of the subject of nationality for people that live abroad like many of us. her site is also very good lise harlev


how contemporary is cgi art

we still try to figure it out. is the pure computer generated image really a big contribution to contemporary art
or is a practices that became old without really active the new art status.
check the works of like www.doerbaum.com. what you think

pornoheft's sister band

the famous pornoheft sister band live bei at frau lee



nobodyhere is a space to be alone and
to be alone is what the most bloogers like to do.


tris vonna-michell

tris vonna-michell
is busy with his solo project "down the rabbit-hole".
the press release is provided by phone,
at milliken gallery , not a bad ideia.
cheers tris


karl l. on angelina

karl l. on angelina jolie:
"stunningly beautiful. She has the kind of mouth other people pay to get"


dada de nada fashion

cheers to gabi schaffer & co. at www.dadadenada.org.
this collection is a proof that girl stuff still fun.
enjoy it. i want to see guys wearing this t-shirt as well.
gabi is the famous author of


hanna hildebrand by frau lee

last friday at frau lee's studio

hanna hildebrand's
performance was like an orgie about to happens.
seems that safe orgies are, still, in vogue in art
environment. the band pornoheft sister band, the halfters, was there as well.
more on that later.


mobile painting

cheers and shouts to matilde botfeldt for the crayon dress
and thanks to diane pernet at a shaded view on fashion for bloging about it.
this creation is a good example of mobile painting
nothing new, but refreshing.


art & politics

after visiting, for the second time, the show from
dan perjovschi at portikus in frankfurt i asked myself
are artists really political enough, for our times or are they just instrumantalizing social and polical situation, for they own sake, most of the time.


the truth by bernard shaw

"if you are going to tell people the truth, you'd better make them laugh. otherwise they'll kill you."

why not

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