carl palm our man in japan just send as a note that artistinrestaurant.com was just lunched.
it will be fun to have launche in stockholm with an artist plus some good discussions with people like anri sala and others, go ahead and apply for it.


the importancy of traveling for artists

if you enjoy marcel duchamp's art and want to know more details about his art and life, a book, the _exiles of marcel duchamp_, was just published, were the author t.j. demos try to study the relations and complexity of duchamp's works in connection to his time in exile. t.j. demos starts his investigations from the time that duchamp left paris to the south of france in preparation to go to america. here the author compares thoughtfully walter benjamin and duchamp's valises. he goes on looking at the time that duchamp went to argentina and why he decide to leave america for a while. reading this book we may understand more about marcel duchamp's oeuvre. the book is a detailed research about duchamp's art making and his ideas in this time of traveling. the author tries to states how crucial was this time in exile for duchamp's entire art practices.

another good publication on duchamp and his legacy is the octuber magazine titled the duchamp effect. it is even very informative and amusing, just read the conversation  between benjamin buchloh and andy warhol or the one with robert morris.

we just can't have enough from the internet

here we go again, for some people the net is the new holy grail, for others the real shit. but what impress me the most is the clarety of style which some net users do reach to get their menssage across.


simulator and submedia are rocking hard

if you dont make the media just don't believe on it. submedia.tv is trying to get some more _radicalnews_ out there

if you have to go shopping at big corporations think twice before you buying you may be paying the wrong price.
is great to see how much creativity is involve to get the today world affairs commented in this shoplifting vido


more on artists and music videos

>>playback>> is showing videos from emerging artists and stablished ones from the 80's to today. including videos like "ugly yelp" from olaf breugning. playback is a project by ARC/musée d’art moderne de la ville de paris.

there is no way out, somehow music always played a great role as inspiration material for visuals artist or as pure company to the artists. doesn't matter which media they choose to work with music can always be a perfect partner.

we can just look at the work of rodney graham, he is also taking part in >>playback>>. music is one of the most important componests of his ouvre. all the songs he composed and the videos he made. no to forget his band.

why not

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