dontmiss the refreshing universum von daniel turner

to bring the very simple things to the space and make it become the center of the viewer's attention is a quite poetic but risky adventure!!! daniel turner does it in a very easy and elegant way!!! the visual composition is just stunning but it hast some hidden secrets to be discovered underneath its apparently beauty!!! its reduction is powerful but what make it so striking is that it could vanish at any next second!!!

detail of daniel's installation work at bischoff projects


das passagen- werk/the arcades project

das passagen- werk/the arcades project 

walter benjamin created with the arcades project a body of work which has been seeing as an brilliant artistic endeavor of his. the assembly of historical text containing comments, anecdotes, magazine articles and other literary miscellaneous brings the reader to a world of socio-political, literary curiosities of the parisian society of the 20's. and somehow its analyses still, in many cases, very contemporary.

das passagen- werk/the arcades project 

walter benjamin

date          - monday - 30.09.2013

time          - 7.45 pm - 
                   reading starts at 8.15 pm sharp
place        - blank slate magazine space -       
                   kaiserpassage - store 44
address    - kaiserstraße 62-64 
                   60329 - frankfurt am main  

Le Pont des planites (Interplanetary Bridge). Engraving by Grandville, 1844        

like strolling through an arcade, the audience will be engaged in a mental distraction which involves historical facts and fictional narrative through reading benjamin's das passagen- werk/the arcades project we are presenting a view of the twenties that created the whole thing. 
the audience is invited to join the textual performance, building a literary sculpture and enjoy musical abstractions of the selected chapters. 

the performative reading will be in german, french, and english.

the kaiserarcade

passages read by 
saul judd - susanne radmann - felix pausch - laila nissen - johanna suess

ruediger lang on the plattenspieler

the space is limited - please RSVP° before 29.09.13 sending us an email reply to this invitation. as subject write : yes i am a flaneur.  after receiving your email we will sending you a confirmation email which will give you a code to get into the kaiser passe even if it is closed. the kaiserpassage's gates closes around 8pm. 

a donation of 3€ will be suggested!

°RSVP° is a request for a response from the invited person or people. it is an initialism derived from the French phrase répondez s'il vous plaît, meaning "please respond." [1] [2]
that means [1] Anyone receiving an invitation with an R.S.V.P. on it is obliged to reply....",[2] and some recent editions describe breaching this standard as "inexcusably rude"

thanks goes to the support from SIKS www.siks-ffm.de and KP gallery www.kaiser-p.de
and the great http://blankslate-magazine.com/ team!!! 

video by avi dehlinger for dontneed.org

das passagen- werk/the arcades project by walter benjamin - performative reading 2013 from dontneed on Vimeo

Walter Benjamin - Arcades Project - sounds

Rüdiger's selecting of sounds for the evening was inspired by the chapters titles that he chose.

A    Arcades, Magasins de Nouveautes,       
      Sales Clerks 
Hauschka (Foreign Landscapes) - Alexanderplatz
Berliner Ring (BARDO) - Good evening
Schwabinggrad Ballet - So sehr der Gedanke auch schmerzt, will es mir doch scheinen, als ob ich selbst in einer befreiten Gesellschaft zu einer Minderheit gehoeren wuerde.


Jackie Liebezeit und Burnt Friedmann (Secret Rythems 2)- Mikrokasper
Kraftwerk (Trans Europa Express) - Spiegelglas

D    Boredom, Eternal Return 

Bohren und der Club of Gore (Black Earth) - Midnight Black Earth
Grey series 4 - Stanislav Tolkachev (Depth of Light) - Depth of Light                 

M    The Flaneur

Christoph Schwellenbach - Was ist Musik (by Justus Koehnke)
Kamerakino (Paradiso) - Kolonialwaren
Christoph Schwellenbach - Maria (by Closer Musik)
Kamerakino (Paradiso) - Sie leben!

   On the Theory of Knowledge,                 
       Theory of Progress

Mark Fürstenberg (Gesamtlaufzeit) - Gegenströmung
Loops Haunt (Zenith) - Heal 
März (Love Streams) - Everybody had a hard year

V    Conspiracies, Compagnonnage            

Sun Ra (The heliocentric worlds of Sun Ra; Vol2) - The Sun Myth
Ban Bou Nou (Orbiting) - Orbiting

Z    The Doll, The Automaton                  

The Modernist - Opportunity Knox
Esther Brinkmann - Maschine

a    Social Movement                                   

James Holden (The inheritors) - A circle Inside a circle Inside 
Kante - Best of both worlds
Schwabinggrad Ballet - ICE Berthold Brecht

m    Idleness                                             

GAS - Zauberberg
Slowblow - Hamburger Cemetery


surfaces and values

flo maak - Surface Interference Study (after Courbet), © 2013
to be able to really touch beyond the surface of our history and our stories is necessary, sometimes, to observe and recreate surfaces!

flo maak doest it in his latest work group! and they are refreshing for the eyes and for the brain. refreshing because there are not only brilliant executed works but because they contain stunning compositions loaded with the right amount of reflexion on the subject which they are carrying on it or about.



TONITE from 9pm ECT live stream of the performance
 REAL MYSTIC TRUTHS / The trustworthy magnificent speech
by angelo luz 

or come to the  
Seckbacher Landstraße 16 
in frankfurt am main  

the exhibition fake is about the phenomena of the fake as an essential element in art practice. humans strive to obtain or reveal a certain truth in their realities, yet the transformation of the real has a strong effect on their lives in so many different ways. it comforts them, confronts them, gets them to smile or moves them to be emotional or rational when it comes to perceiving reality. the construction of the fake seems to play a major role in the development of any aesthetic language and in the blurring of borders between its disciplines.

the paintings of mario hergueta show the perfect combination of painting, drawing and architectonic object. with the project ‘fake states’, the legendary artist gordon matta-clark had started an investigation - in the new york of the 1970s - which continued a tradition of psychogeography and mapping of urban landscapes. the designer kai linke with his mirror chairs series created objects that blur the boundaries between design and art. angelo luz is a multidisciplinary artists. luz uses his body as tool to formulate questions about the relation between body, nature and our existence at this time. he operates in an almost shamanistic way. for fake he will develop a new performance piece.

mario hergueta
gordon matta-clark
kai linke
angelo luz

opening: 12.07.2013 - 8pm
gordon matta-clark
talk and performance by and with angelo luz: 27.07.2013 at 8pm
duration: 12.07 - 11.08.2013
opening times  thr. 5-9 pm, fri. 3-6pm & sun 3-7pm 

TONITE from 9pm ECT live stream of the performance
 REAL MYSTIC TRUTHS / The trustworthy magnificent speech
by angelo luz 
from 8:30 you can tune in here in


Seckbacher Landstraße 16  

60389 Frankfurt-Bornheim

gordon and social

"My understanding of  art in a social context is as an essentially generous human act, an individually positive attempt to encounter the real world through expressive interpretation. The value of art as it services and  sometimes flourishes in our systems is so closely related to occidental beliefs in individual rights of free expression that one can accuratelly speak of the state of art as a mesure of the state of freedom in our society."  

gordon matta-clark

the fake estates bought by gordon matta-clark  

> 96th street lawn, block 1107 lot 146 queens 

> glendale silver, block 3660 lot 140 queens 

> long island city garden, block 556 lot 103 queens 

> maspech triangle, block 2366 lot 241 queen 

> jamaica curb, block 10142 lot 15 queens 

> long island city alleyway, block 624 lot 141 queens 

> ridgewood alley, block 3398 lot 116 queens 

> borden avenue, block 209 lot 60 queens 

> woodside driveway, block 2286 lot 111 queens 

> maspech union, block 2406 lot 148 queens 

> 49th street driveway block 138 lot 107 queens 

> rego pak, block 3165 lot 155 queens 

> coonley street, block 1224 lot 12 state island

mario hergueta, saul judd and kai linke

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