'27 Season' by Rosa Aiello at SCHAUT!

In her new video work '27 Seasons' Rosa Aiello continues her "investigation of the image", in this case of "the house", especialy the "roof", that leads to a lot of associations: the house as shelter, its inhabitants, the interior/exterior life, here suggested by the well chosen sounds and words. And the border between nature and artificiality, which is very narrow, the images have this strong graphic texture and you never know what is real and what is not.

Aiello works, mostly videos and installation, originate often from text material. 

She is a Frankfurt based artist from Hamilton, Canada. She is currently studying at the Städelschule with Peter Fischli. She holds degrees in literature and theory from McGill University and Oxford University. Her writings have been published in the Pure Fyction publications Dysfiction II and III, and with Triple Canopy

Recent exhibitions at OUTPOST, Norwich, at Eli Ping Frances Perkins, New York, and a two-person show at KW, Berlin. She has been exhibited at Catherine Bastide, Brussels; De Vleeshal, Middleburg; The Whitney Museum, and Sculpture Center, New York.

Opening on 26 april 2017 at 7pm
exhibition from 26 of april till the 20th of may 

special screening on the 20th of may at 2pm 
in the Mal Seh'n kino of some of Aiello's earlier video works.

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