m/lartspace is beating the shit out of art from under the brooklyn bridge to piracanga beach and lucky frankfurters to have the solo show from one of the makers of it all. lena henke will be having her second solo at parisa kind. in her work she always engage with different means and meanings to establish an image and the results can be sculptural, photographic or any discipline she wishes to use. another aspect of her work is the ability to engage others in discover the potentials art has to transform attitudes in itself and its makers. since her aerly days in the städelschule she enjoy very much the company of cool peers in doing in her on apartment such great art experiments. welcome home lena.


the winds are always blowing and the liquids always flowing

to identify the energies which are around us and bring it to an aestethetic form can be tricky. somehow daniel stempfer managed it when he developed his new work for the show at jenifer nails.
the simple, but really well designed,  paterns  and constructions that he made does elevate elements that are found or not found, because they are more likely to be in the background of our lives, to a very pleasant view. this landscape situation keep you wondering about the poetics of existence. what is cool about it is that event if is poetic it doesn't mean corny as we can find in many position around art  these days.  if you have the chance please do have a chat about these works with his creator.



inger wold lund 
'notes on the artists', 2014
7 stories, 906 words

a stroll by and with amy ball bertrand flanet hanne lippard natasja loutchko inger wold lund filippa pettersson in the sunny bright side of the moonlight road of sincerity with occasional stumbling blocks on the way.

a performance « alone, together or with you » by filippa pettersson took place and left some marks on the window-door of parisa's kind place  where a bulletin called SWEAT n°5 with clémentine coupau, andrew de freitas, maki ishii, curtis mclean, stuart middleton and alexey vanushkin can also be found. all of it was orchestrated by aurélia defrance. 


arcades project

Walter Benjamin - Arcades Project

Rüdiger's selecting of sounds for the evening was inspired by the chapters titles that he chose.

A    Arcades, Magasins de Nouveautes,       
      Sales Clerks 
Hauschka (Foreign Landscapes) - Alexanderplatz
Berliner Ring (BARDO) - Good evening
Schwabinggrad Ballet - So sehr der Gedanke auch schmerzt, will es mir doch scheinen, als ob ich selbst in einer befreiten Gesellschaft zu einer Minderheit gehoeren wuerde.

B    Fashion                                              

Jackie Liebezeit und Burnt Friedmann (Secret Rythems 2)- Mikrokasper
Kraftwerk (Trans Europa Express) - Spiegelglas

D    Boredom, Eternal Return 

Bohren und der Club of Gore (Black Earth) - Midnight Black Earth
Grey series 4 - Stanislav Tolkachev (Depth of Light) - Depth of Light                 

M    The Flaneur

Christoph Schwellenbach - Was ist Musik (by Justus Koehnke)
Kamerakino (Paradiso) - Kolonialwaren
Christoph Schwellenbach - Maria (by Closer Musik)
Kamerakino (Paradiso) - Sie leben!

N    On the Theory of Knowledge,                 
       Theory of Progress

Mark Fürstenberg (Gesamtlaufzeit) - Gegenströmung
Loops Haunt (Zenith) - Heal 
März (Love Streams) - Everybody had a hard year

V    Conspiracies, Compagnonnage            

Sun Ra (The heliocentric worlds of Sun Ra; Vol2) - The Sun Myth
Ban Bou Nou (Orbiting) - Orbiting

Z    The Doll, The Automaton                  

The Modernist - Opportunity Knox
Esther Brinkmann - Maschine

a    Social Movement                                   

James Holden (The inheritors) - A circle Inside a circle Inside 
Kante - Best of both worlds
Schwabinggrad Ballet - ICE Berthold Brecht

m    Idleness                                             

GAS - Zauberberg
Slowblow - Hamburger Cemetery


LICHTER Art Award 2014

    Andrew de Freitas, ‘Fuckmeadows’, 2013

   Bertrand Flanet, ‘Unmanned Distances’, 2013

    Clémentine Coupau, ‘Louve’, 2013
    Murray Gaylard, ‘Drinking Tea in Russia’, 2013
   Luiz Roque, ‘Ano Branco’, 2013

    you can watch all the five works at blinkvideo.de  

   LICHTER Art Award 2014. installations view photos by avi dehlinger ©2014
   more info at 7th LICHTER filmfest

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