between_"the other" and "the self"_a video_stream 3# act "the event"

Guy Ben-Ner
“I'd give it to you if I could but I borrowed it”, 2007, dvd / 17min.

between_"the other" and "the self"_a video_stream

3#act "the event"

videos works by

agassi f. bangura

guy ben-ner

shana moulton

guido van der werve

interview whit agassi f. bangura

Date_13.01.2010, Time_7.30 - 11.30 pm
voges gallery, Neue Mainzer Strasse 1 - 60311 Frankfurt am Main

The performative act as main practice in video works.

The practice of perfomance in video art are with us since the early days when Bruce Nauman and Paul MacCarthy decided to stop doing live performances and instead recorded and edited their performances to produced their video installations. Video became the trasporter of live performances. But for this to happen they need to continue to bring the live performance aspect into the video piece.

Artists like Agassi Bangura, Guy Ben-Ner, Shana Moulton and Guido van der Werve are execellent protagonists of this practice in recent times. They manage to create such an aura of presence in their video works. Agassi F. Bangura and Shana Moulton do performe live sometimes. This artists do work in public spaces or settings and within a very intimate environment and situation as well. In most of the cases they produce, with theirs performative acts, what we could call "the event" .

guido van der werve
"Nummer vier
I don't want to get involved in this
I don't want to be part of this

Talk me out of it”, 2005

shana moulton

"Whispering Pine" 8, 2006

agassi f. bangura

“Shaman in desert storm”, Dubai, 2009

guy ben-ner

“Stealing beauty", 2006


between_"the other" and "the self"_a video_stream

"apselut '08", 2009 by jorma foth

DV 13:35 min

2# act "the shape

The sculptural act present in video. Artists like; Matt Calderwood, Jorma Foth and Hanna Hildebrand, are able to include their sculptural practices in video works in a way that, really, make their ouvre complete. In the video works they do formulate and compose their "gesamtwerk". We can watch the video works of these artists and we can see, very clearly, the sculptural practice which they are engaged in. When we see one of their sculptures installations or performances we can observe how much it is embodied in the work of the motion that they need to complete the work. Their objects or sculpturual works appears to be in a static minimal motion picture. Be it performative or not; or if the video are included in the pieces or not. These artists are able to give a very intense visible form to their ideas.

The films from Gordon Matta-Clark are a very special case. His films, made mostly as documents of his action and performative sculptural practice, are a perfect example of combining disciplines with such a virtuosity. When you watch his films you almost have the sensation to be present in his sculptures and actions. His sculptural works and his films are a very good reference for the practice that artists like Jorma Foth and Hanna Hildebrand are engaged today. As one of the first to start practicing this kind of sculptural performative action, type of works, which were recorded in film, he did had the privilege to not need to bring his sculpture or rest of it to the white cube.

Even if the performative elements are very strong in the works of all this artists, through the videos or films that they produced, we can see that the core element of their practice is the sculptural act.

saul judd presents

between "the other" and "the self" a video_stream

2# act "the shape"

video works by

jorma foth

hanna hildebrand

video on

gordon matta-clark

interview with jorma foth

presentation of the work "A DISPLAY WITH A PURPOSE" by hanna hilderbrand
Date_9.12.2009, Time_7.00 - 10.00 pm
voges gallery, Neue Mainzer Strasse 1 - 60311 Frankfurt am Main


_between_"the other" and "the self"_a_video_stream_

ilja karilampi
“The Chief Architect of Gangsta Rap”, 2009
DV/ 11.11. min

_between_ "the other" and "the self" _a_video_stream_

Presented by Saul Judd in the Voges Gallery in Frankfurt, there will be a monthly video screening series composed of 7 acts.

The first act titled “the other” attempts to explore two subjects: one, the investigatory manner in which artists work with video, while avoiding turning their works into documentaries. The second, is what "the other” means in the social context of today.

As “the other” tends to become more and more distant to the Individuum or "the self" in our global social reality of today, the socio-economic and political relations play a very important role in defying the image of “the other".

Investigation as art practice using video started decades ago. One of the first to work with video as an investigatory tool was Adrian Piper, in the 80's. Younger artists like Mario Asef and Ilja Karilampi continue their work in the same vein.

In this screening we will be able to observe some parallels and contrasts between their processes and practices. While Piper used the American funk dance lessons to explore popular culture influences in her own society some years ago. Karilampi uses his subjective associations to investigate more global phenomena, like the effect that rap and hip-hop cultures have on youth worldwide. Asef creates atmospheric videos, which construct plays that observe particular similarities and differences encountered in daily life, within the diverse strata of our complex societies.

Artists Marcus Kaiser and Andree Korpys/Markus Löffler are some the more prominent protagonists of that practice in the european scene. For Marcus and Korpys/Löffler the architectonic spaces around their subjects reveal many of the historical realities that they want to investigate in order to reveal contemporary issues. These same realities provide them with the instructions to create their works. The beautiful imagery they start with is merely a launching point. The aesthetic contents and cinematographic compositions are selected and repurposed in order to create new scenes that function as crime-like masterpieces. The beauty of their works lies on the fact that they refuse to keep it only as a mere beautiful imagery.

saul judd presents

_between_"the other" and "the self"_ a_video_stream_

1# act "the other" with video works by

mario aseft
“Börsianer / The operators”, 2009

markus kaiser & andree korpys/markus löffler
"Supersam", 2002

ilja karilampi
“The Chief Architect of Gangsta Rap”, 2009

andree korpys/markus löffler
“Villa Feltrinelli", 2008

adrian piper
“Funk Lessons”, 1983

Interview with ilja karilampi and
introduction of his edition from the video
“The Chief Architect of Gangsta Rap”

Date_11.11.2009, Time_7.00 - 11.00 pm
Location_ voges gallery, Neue Mainzer Strasse 1 - 60311 Frankfurt am Main


the art of wrinting and singing poetry

it was quite an evening last saturday at the mousonturm with susi asado singing songs from her new album "hello antenna"

and in between the reding from lyrics and poems coming from 4 different "dichters" and "dichterinnen" male and female poets in german. it was like an encounter of 4 different planets. intelligent text with a lot of fantasy and humor were thrown through the air of the studio space.

daniel falb while reading from his book BANCOR, get in a transe like and delivere an emphatic conversation with himself and the public and constructs a world or worlds. we will heard a lot from him in the future. maybe even an opera or a theater piece. and for sure good philosophic essays and books as well. here a little of his poetry.

BANCOR · Gedichte

"sagt eine erbse zur andern. die nachschublinien sind über und übermit wohngebieten bedeckt. rasen aus bürgerbüros.

wenn strukturen auf die straße gehen, was ist dann die straße.
und das obst, am strauch sekundenlang optimal konserviert."
ich zahlte in der lebensmittelabteilung und bekam das geld am auto-maten zurück, das an den bäumen wächst.

the whole thing here

uljana wolf reading her very funny new book "prosagedichte - falsche freunde" or prose poetry- false happiness, an "abc" of words in two languages that appear to be the same but actually do have a totally different meaning. german and english and other languages as well. as she translates poetry she know what she is writing and talking about. and it all done with a great portion of humor. not wondering why she got so many praise and prizes latelly.

monika rincks red from her book "helle verwirrung & ricks ding- und tierleben" in this book she brings together animals, machines and the poet herself in a strage day and situation.

daniela seel the publischer of "kookbook" red some of her new mobile. she call this evening mobiles labor for poesy as life form. quite an achievement. all regards to daniela the publisher and the poet. not to forget is the cool graphics gestaltung from andreas töpfer.

and susi asado with her own sweet style of writing, singing and playing the gitar and the akulele. not to forget that beautiful voice. at first you thinks she just a pretty fragile doll but after while, line by line and melody by melody she becomes bigger then the image that she portraits.

to grace the event was there also the lyric poet alexander gumz from textonlabel berlin, well done.


which these is your house? not aesthetically speaking

how can we deny the influence of film in the creation of some good art pieces today and in the other hand, behind every film there is an artistic touch. just check this one
"it is your choice, the reward maybe survival"
selected comments

Which house do you live in?

In this film we are told by Civil Defense that as a poor housekeeper we are going to die. Also we are told that the house must be freshly painted or we will die. This message had to be brought to us by the "National Association for Looking down on the Neighbors" although it says the Fix up, Clean up, and Paint up Foundation. (Although people are dying in slums I can't recall the cause ever being a nuclear bomb blast.) I am really surprised to see that money was spent to assess the effect of the nuclear bomb on newspapers and magazines on tabletops. (What did they think would happen?) But the real questions are, did they think we could just dust the sofa off and go back to a regular day after a A-bomb? Should I go join a group of vigilante housekeepers that will protect my city? (snd) Am I more likely to die if I have dry skin? I personally am going to do what I always have,... use handlotion and hope I am not hit with an atomic bomb.

Don't Worry--Be Happy!!

And you wonder why the kids who grew up watching and absorbing these lies have led the good ol' USA down the road we are on now in 2007. Look at the age of almost all our presidential candidates in the year 2007. That era of kids in America were constantly fed this dose of propoganda in their classrooms and @ home in front of the new TVs. My generation got Schoolhouse Rock. We are still paying to this day for the lies and fears pushed onto that generation w/ the early advent of the TV. Our reality in 2007 is not more than a stone's throw from the BS theories bullied on us by that generic, authoratative voice in those old propo-docs. We still seem to be governed and affected by this EXACT mentality 24/7 in the present day USA. Fear, lies, utter contemmpt for common sense and the Golden Rule!!! The BOOB TUBE--the biggest WEAPON in our governments arsenal--NOT THE BOMB!!!! Oh yeah, don't forget that spring cleaning and your new paint job on the house. As for 2007---just keep shopping and just keep on watching another episode of Desperate Housewives or American Idiot-(oops, I mean IDOL!)!!! Fear, GOD, GDP, GOP, GOD, GDP, GOP----politics and a gross domestic product a SOUL of a nation DO NOT MAKE!!!---we can do so much more in this world CITIZENS OF THE WORLD!! 2012--Paradise Waits??????????????????????


on enthusiasm and producing oneself

some artists are relly reflecting about their existence and their relation with the whole art scope! here is michael eddy writing for vitamine c in china. very refreshing words!


when the other is the main

just arrived !!!the other (frankfurter kunstverein)!!! and what a start, painting on the wall by valentina lienur. the other is the one and the main one at the moment. ollie and shane really do knowing what they are doing. the other (fkv) is the one and the only one. with artists like valentina lienur, martin clark and mark titchner to start their program and great surprises in between.
. just dontmiss it.


why kids are very important for art

roman ondak talking about his work performance 4, measuring the universe.

aernout mik talking about his work

aernout mik and his sculpeture like video1 he manage to bring to the space
and mix of reality and fiction making the audience, in most of the cases,
active participants of structure of the instalations give then no other option
but to be in the work.


"overclean is dirty" by sissel tolaas

smell tell a lot about you, us and the world. sissel tolaas says everything we have not heard about perfume or what we wish to hear about smell!!! cliches and other realities about smells. how is possible indetify reality for the sake of communication though the act of smelling. we almost can smell it when she talks. she should make a film with john wathers.

listen her talking here at showstudio or watch the short version show°°°


street art everywhere online

cool idea to put street art in one portal ekosystem.org
street arty as istudio or atelier in another streetfiles.org
another cool thing is that blu and swoon were collaborating recently in barcelona.
see image above.


the real web_art

artist are producing loads of projects on the web, some more successful then others. but publishing on the net seems to be one of the most successful ones.

the real web_art is, actually, the transportation of art material in the web, through the web, with the web. most of the so called internet art or web art are not that solid enough in their contents and can become a very boring nonsense and a wast of time with lots of visual rubbish on the top of it. because the web changes so fast web art or net art can become just irrelevant for the art discourse that we are having now, which is the act of "negotiation" in and with the means of production of art.

to proove my point here is a successful web-based project xym that is a magazine_like platform which gives artists the opportunity to showcase some of their works online becoming this way part of this web_magzine. for a period of time anybody can download the material and choose to print or not. using images and texts. it is a old practice in a new package! cheers to the makers of xym.com marlie mul and yngve hole.


“the happy end of franz kafka’s ‘Amerika,’and dan graham: beyond

in his “Martin Kippenberger: The Problem Perspective” first american retrospective at moma shows a lot of the genius he was in working with found material and constructed ones and with this mix of medias reconstructed realities. his own reality and the ones around him. somethimes his intallations could look pretty chaotic but they were all very precise and thoughtfully constructed. but in the end, i am sure, he always left some space for "chance" as well, given to his assemblage the right energy. i never forget his big show in geneve in 1997 where i saw for the first time a series of installations in the „Respektive 1997-1976“, Museé d’Art Moderne et Contemporain. what is brillant in the work of martin is that he just blended live and art perfectly. like when he wen to new york to be a guest professor. coming around 11 am to give a class, he would take the students to have a drink in the next pub to start the day. something which was not a very american thing to do. he did, indeed, redefine art!!!

it is so funny that dan grahem also a very genious type of guy has not died yet. what is very interesting is the similarities that can be found in this two artists. the intelligence and playfulness and the energy that they gave and still given to the art discourse. formally they may be quite distinct and different. but the modus operandi is the same. when you go around the glass structure from dan graham and when you look at the installation and paintings that martin kippenberg did, which always have formal reference to painting you will find out that they are generate from a truthful perception of life with help of some kind of addiction. we will enjoy this two great fellows for years to come and probebly find some secrets still hiden in they works.
graham just opened beyond at the moca in los angeles.


about realestate and artestate

art and social situations. right here in a very expensive place on the planet there is a house that was empty for some many years after serving as community center for youth in one of the central areas of frankfurt. some artist and creative individuals took over the place since last august. they call their group
"faites votre jeu" a place for art and culture. but they got from the city a notice to get out by the 15 of january.

RheinMainTV aktuell - 05.08.2008 from faites votre_media
today is the 19 of january and they just did a demonstration walk and still there. they have at the moment one exhibition called "the real estate show" done by the "free calss fmm" with really good works from taslima ahmed, timothy furey, marty kirchner, jackie tarquinio, dan starling, martin stiehl, jeronimo voss. show goes till the end of janury.

Untitled from faites votre_media

hexibition dates 10.01.2009 bis 31.01.2009, tue. 19:00 bis 22:00, wed. 19:00 bis 22:00 and sat. 17:00 bis 21:00 or by appointment as well. just call 0160-95656439


sound from the caribics

we had such a great evening at the caribic residency when
a line up of sound artists started to rave _

here the performance of mark schreiber

why not

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