“the happy end of franz kafka’s ‘Amerika,’and dan graham: beyond

in his “Martin Kippenberger: The Problem Perspective” first american retrospective at moma shows a lot of the genius he was in working with found material and constructed ones and with this mix of medias reconstructed realities. his own reality and the ones around him. somethimes his intallations could look pretty chaotic but they were all very precise and thoughtfully constructed. but in the end, i am sure, he always left some space for "chance" as well, given to his assemblage the right energy. i never forget his big show in geneve in 1997 where i saw for the first time a series of installations in the „Respektive 1997-1976“, Museé d’Art Moderne et Contemporain. what is brillant in the work of martin is that he just blended live and art perfectly. like when he wen to new york to be a guest professor. coming around 11 am to give a class, he would take the students to have a drink in the next pub to start the day. something which was not a very american thing to do. he did, indeed, redefine art!!!

it is so funny that dan grahem also a very genious type of guy has not died yet. what is very interesting is the similarities that can be found in this two artists. the intelligence and playfulness and the energy that they gave and still given to the art discourse. formally they may be quite distinct and different. but the modus operandi is the same. when you go around the glass structure from dan graham and when you look at the installation and paintings that martin kippenberg did, which always have formal reference to painting you will find out that they are generate from a truthful perception of life with help of some kind of addiction. we will enjoy this two great fellows for years to come and probebly find some secrets still hiden in they works.
graham just opened beyond at the moca in los angeles.

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