when the other is the main

just arrived !!!the other (frankfurter kunstverein)!!! and what a start, painting on the wall by valentina lienur. the other is the one and the main one at the moment. ollie and shane really do knowing what they are doing. the other (fkv) is the one and the only one. with artists like valentina lienur, martin clark and mark titchner to start their program and great surprises in between.
. just dontmiss it.


why kids are very important for art

roman ondak talking about his work performance 4, measuring the universe.

aernout mik talking about his work

aernout mik and his sculpeture like video1 he manage to bring to the space
and mix of reality and fiction making the audience, in most of the cases,
active participants of structure of the instalations give then no other option
but to be in the work.

why not

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