who or what is killing art ???

here a very good entry from graham coulter-smith in his blogg artintelligence.net. a really interesting take on the donald kuspit's book “The End of Art”.

some of graham's views are very "new yorke art world" views, but never-the-less it is a very good material for a semester study in our age of multidisciplinary art practices. this is my first contact with the _artintelligence.net_ and i like it. all respect. graham is a teacher and have done a lot of research and he enjoy put it into writing.

all things considered, i would say that even if we do love the the _situationist_ attitude of getting life and art mingled we should be always careful not to kill art or get confuse about some basic differences that does exists between those lets say "fields". otherwise it may give room for really bad exhibitions or shows - maybe we show talk, next, about the difference between these two terms "exhibitions" and "show" so much used in art. we might get some answer about the justification of the entertainment and shock-value in contemporary art. maybe that could be the real possible reasons of the killing of art in a very near future.

why not

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