manifesta 7 - hope in rovereto and hope

tatiana trouve. polder, 2007 installation and drawings series "intranquility".

poetry is all over rovereto, this old city gave the artists enough power to deal with europe the old and the changes that are coming through globalization and other cultural and socio-political exchanges.
that was very well expose by videos like "caregivers"2008 by libia castro and ólafur ólafsso. but in other note many artsits exposed just simple and ironical gestures like the videos from guido van der werve with the "Nummer acht. Everything is going to be alright" 2007 or "Nummer negen. The day I didn’t turn with the world" video.

In rovereto you can smell tradition and, as the curators wished, it is the best setting for a confrontation between tradition and the modern.
on this trail we will find in rovereto's central train station projects like the "disneylend express" sticker and other pieces trying to trick the minds of the locals not a easy achievement i would say.

tim etchells delivered a sweet project, in a literal meaning of the word ice-cream. his projects has an interest in the creative possibilities and restrictions of linguistic structures, cultural codes, systems and rules, all of which he approaches as both a subject of inquiry and a mode of operation. his project "Art Flavours" involves the creation of new flavors of gelato inspired by concepts and terms from contemporary art. Through a series of meetings between the artist, a local ice-cream maker and an art writer, the work is an encounter between popular confectionary and art practice. It plays with the possibility of translating languages and ideas from the specialized context of art into new tastes. City Changes , meanwhile, consists of 20 text works, beginning with a description of a city in which nothing ever changes. This initial text is repeated and rewritten to produce a sequence of 19 increasingly preposterous variations of this imaginary place.

when you red tim etchells wrinting on the wall you really enjoying to see the craftsmanship in a very precision of a real multidisciplinary artist at work. i saw his work first in In "The Travels" 2002 with "Forced Entertainment" theater company where the performers are more or less present as themselves, sharing time and space with the audience, telling, recounting, reading and constructing the performance from evidence gathered elsewhere.

in this solo project tim etchells do reveal a more concentrated poetic action that have some how a lot to do with hope in rovereto and many other places in the world today.

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