jeremy millar - zugzwang (almost complete)

just back from a lecture by jeremy millar at the staedel art academy. jeremy just talk about his latest project _ zugzwang (almost complete). what a great persuit around the posssibilities of investigate the work of an artist like marcel duchamp and at the same time make a hommage to him. i would repeat what simon starling, who invited jeremy, said about the film and center piece of the whole project which bares the same title, it is simply a master piece.
the exhibition took place in the metropole galerie last september in folkestone in the english coast. where md did came to visit, as chess player, in 1933.

jeremy show in this cinematrographical peace a mastering in directing, editing the text material and had a great help in the narration done by the very good reader pierre huyghe. if you have the chance, in the future to see _zugzwang (almost complete)_ dontmiss it.


fantastic butt and more

remember those guys that brought us the butt mag,
they are are doing a great job bringing us the _fantastic man mag_ and more.
i just have one thing to say _ fantastic

why not

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