why d.i.e. now is happening

as i'm typing we are "d.i.eing now" that is the simple true! the way that keren cytter goes about with her art and language is not only humorous it pull strings and push buttons! from works like the one she produced for manifesta 7 "in search of brothers" and "force from the past" to pieces like "four seasons". "four seasons" a strange psychologic story full of layers. that could be about care, love, passion, regreat, sex, emotional involvement or just simple the fun idea about the exploring desires or none of the above. that what is good about keren cytter's practice! nothing is really clear but none the less it leave you longing for more of everything!
the fictional-reality that her film and books imposed or inflict on the viewers and readers is brillant. enjoy it as you still a-l-i-v-e.

why not

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