to make other see deeper you maybe need to "no show"

"when no means on" a show by melvin moti at the _mmk_zollamte_ in frankfurt is a rare opportunity to see and hear details on the journey of an artist in his desire to encapsulate the process and observation of an activity that we call art. fiction tangles into reality in the pieces that melvin moti produces. even art history is involve in his collection of thoughts and visual observations.
he has the ability to revel the intrinsic parts of the process of making art in a multidisciplinary age. he makes films to be heard.

the loud "le silence de lorna" film

the film "le silence de lorna" is a drama that is evolving in europe's daly reality. the use of woman as tool for trafficking drugs, as sex slave and in this case buying and selling identities in europe and around the world is a highly paid business. in europe the mafia knows how to take advantage of the need ones, from both sides, the rich and the poor europeans. the design of the movie done by the dardenne brothers is a quite inspirational piece for who wants to investigate movie making in the age of image saturation. this movie can make someone's heart and mind really tick loud.


comtemporary art in the re-modus

i just got this book from projectspace176 called past-forward which accompanies the exhibition curated by vincent honoré and a product of his residency at the zabludowicz collection in london. honoré's text _ a fragmented time_ is a trip into the artists practicies of today and their origins. in other words, the content of past-forward is just what we need to know and re_cap about the situation in which art production or re_production is at.

michael ned holte, contribution to past-forward titled_


starts like this_

"what is it that makes today's art so different, so appealing?

what's appealing is that so little is different.
The contemporary is marked by a simultaneous and contradictory refutation and reiteration of the past. in other other words, it is all about the re-:
reduce,reuse,recycle,..(+77 re-verbs).realize they're super bad, repeat, repeat, repeat... "

another great piece in the book is
"corpse in reverse" (kiev exquisite) by raimundas calasauskas.

in a numbered limited edition of 1,000 this book designed by åbäke is a piece of gold not to say it is an art piece by itself. reading this book we don't even need to see the exhibition to realize how important this contribution is for the contemporary re_search.

why not

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