about realestate and artestate

art and social situations. right here in a very expensive place on the planet there is a house that was empty for some many years after serving as community center for youth in one of the central areas of frankfurt. some artist and creative individuals took over the place since last august. they call their group
"faites votre jeu" a place for art and culture. but they got from the city a notice to get out by the 15 of january.

RheinMainTV aktuell - 05.08.2008 from faites votre_media
today is the 19 of january and they just did a demonstration walk and still there. they have at the moment one exhibition called "the real estate show" done by the "free calss fmm" with really good works from taslima ahmed, timothy furey, marty kirchner, jackie tarquinio, dan starling, martin stiehl, jeronimo voss. show goes till the end of janury.

Untitled from faites votre_media

hexibition dates 10.01.2009 bis 31.01.2009, tue. 19:00 bis 22:00, wed. 19:00 bis 22:00 and sat. 17:00 bis 21:00 or by appointment as well. just call 0160-95656439


sound from the caribics

we had such a great evening at the caribic residency when
a line up of sound artists started to rave _

here the performance of mark schreiber

why not

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