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how about a www.filminute.com festival. you will be done in less then a hour with this gem of film festival. they have cool stuff like "bush ghost" by seth scriver, nice collage animation called "fortification" by elena wen, great performance of mosaique on the winner of the peoples choice award "it could be" and do not forget to check the brutal funny "indiferrence" by matei braneia. see more signs of our times here at his webside www.branea.ro.


superflex vs. 27th sao paulo biennale

things are getting hot downunder at the 27th bienal de são paulo and it is not because the summer, which is about to begin, it is because superflex was invited to paricipate in the biennale but was not allowed to show the work it wanted to guaranapower. but this whole censure is working, in favor of the project. the director of the fundação bienal de sao paulo said that the reason way they could not accept the work is that this project is not artistic enough. but the whole thing is proving the foundation wrong. the galeria vermelho did put up the show power guarana ,extra, for the superflex project it will be interesting to see what will happen in the near future.


me and my rhythm box

jesssica silvermann a young curator from san francisco, that was in frankfurt, in the summer 2006, where she worked with martha rosler in the frankfurt kunstverein is just opening her gallery in san francisco.
while in frankfurt she did put up a series of evening film
she is presenting in her first show, me and my rhythm box, a group of europe artist. all the best to jessica and the artists.
silverman is located at
2295 third street san francisco, CA 94107. T 415 255 9508


shape without form, shade without colour, paralysed force, gesture without motion

Galleria Francesca Kaufmann hosts a true and original homage to the art of portraiture. The exhibition focuses on works that portrays the subject beyond its physical appearance. Artists such as Pae White, Dave Muller and Allan Kaprow have based their representations on the uniqueness of the model. White gives the viewer the chance to choose the hue of his chandeliers and, in this sense, the work reveals itself as a portrait of the viewer’s.
Dave Muller leaves his model the task of compiling a top ten of his favourite L.P.s and includes the spines of the records in the painting. Kaprow shows Scores, where the person is almost reduced to a machine, performing a set of actions.
Tom Burr and Lorna Macyntire portray cultural characters from the past that the author hasn't met directly. Both Burr and Macyntire avoid traditional commemorative styles of portraiture and instead features details that are only part of the subjects whole. (carlo prada)
more here at dianes' blog,
where you can see more of the show then in the gallery's website.


banana trauma

to prevent banana trauma
we need just get tha lovely sculpture looking fake banana
that will keep any banana from get traumatized.
isn't it cool.

FAQs about banana guard

Q: "Not all bananas are the same size or shape, so how can the Banana Guard fit them all?"
A: The Banana Guard was specially designed to accommodate the majority of banana sizes. Our testing indicates that over 90% of commercially available bananas will fit into the Banana Guard. Highly curved bananas can be straightened ever-so-slightly without harm to fit the Banana Guard shape. The opposite holds true of very straight bananas....

Q: "How can I clean it?"
A: The Banana Guard is made of a polypropylene plastic that can be safely placed in a dishwasher....

Q: "Is there a battery attachment?"
A: No. The Banana Guard was designed for its intended purpose only as a device to prevent banana trauma during transport.

cheers to thor eide at http://www.pbase.com

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