david lynch as guru

what you think, the world would b a better place if people like david lynch would be a guru, if the answer is yes, you got it.
whatch the video with those 13 year old boys and you will see that we have along way to go before we change anyworld or inner_world here. they try to improve their hair appearences but that was all.
lets give a shot maybe david lynch is not only a good filmmaker after all.


when artists criticise artists and their art

and are they successfull with it and because of it? is the work "He Could Sell Pyrite to..." by dave muller an good example?


daring photographers

when we thought photography was dead here go
some photographers do get up there to the top of places to get the shot of their lives.
the means of getting the images, in this case, is the art. see it all at gtcreattiveblogg or at baumer1781


martin creed and oiticica are back

the tate modern just got its pod_act together and are bringing us its tateshots a video podecast series.

here two good ones parangles by oticicas and martin creed talks.


great stuff on the *ubuweb*

from vito acconci to samuel beckett to william s. borroughs the *ubuweb* does deliver great material for art and film lovers. thanks for the tip lovely maria von hausswolff.


"farewell to faraway friends"

dear theresa and jeremy i do very well understand your decision to drop out of this world. as mentioned by your friend glenn o'brian you were brilliant people. i just started to read you nice notes not too long ago and i find that you try to comprehend what is there to do on this planet. there is too much stuff going on and a lot of it is more of a big contradiction somehow. just read _stop the planet chicken_
in fact today we can not move or do anything without thinking that we are betraying our deepest convictions. it is very difficult to live at this point and time without be part of a big "killing machine" or be honest 100% with ourselves and to others. like a nice artist called carl wrote _right now we're in the total animal soup of time_. i just like to remember that "bas jan ader" also did his move to drift away from the picture when he created his great works like "farewell to faraway friends" in 1971. he disappeared in 1975, in a boat somewhere off the coast of cape cod. he was attempting to cross the atlantic ocean in a 13 foot sailboat. therese and jeremy did make their decision to just go, to leave . i do have great admiration for all three of them.

why not

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