'living in the age of drones - light' ∆ Hotel Amazonas

we reached a time that anybody can function as a drone. and that is a practice long exercised in some artistic disciplines throughout the centuries. but we now got sophisticated, hardware and software wise. but the practice itself did not change. to observe and be observed is a constant in art. somehow we enjoy to look upon things, places and people, to be able to transform it. but in the other hand we are afraid of being observed or investigated. wich is, today, almost impossible. it is part of the performative game of life.

by invitation of artists saori kuno, margareth kaserer and simon steinhauser i came to hotel amazonas open fields art festival & residency in the summer of 2015

in this occasion i decided to invite some friends from all over the world to come, virtually, with me

these are the ones that accepted the invitation

mikio saito - sapporo / japan 
dolores esteve - córdoba / argentina 
jonas jensen - copenhagen / denmark
bert jacobs - brussels & bergen / belgium / norway
young joo lee - seoul / south korea
jeremy turner - vancouver / canada
alfonso lopez - mexico city / mexico
alina vasilchenko - moscow / russia

This document is part of the collaborative piece  'living in the age of drones - light' facilitated by saul judd for the Hotel Amazonas - Open Fields - Festival and Residency 2015. More about the complete Festival participants and program can be found at www.ooooo.be/hotelamazonas

image #1 - resulted from the search. this image is to be displayed in the 
                   two exhibition spaces first in hotel amazonas and later in 
                   the off space in donwtown, bolzano, bozen

image #2 - made from the place that the traveller are and when they  
looked towards unterwangen, vanga di sotto, ritten, renon,  
bolzano, italy
this image is to be placed in the environments, outdoors,  
around the hotel amazonas

photo courtesy of hotel amazonas 

the actuall physical wall installation of this work consist of 3 elements 
A) image #1, B) image #2 and C) a text element - where the transcription of the exchange between the facilitator and the invited guests is exposed. the text element will be available only to be viewed on the physical wall installation. 

this project consists of 3 segments. 

'living in the age of drones - light'
'living in the age of drones - consistent'
'living in the age of drones - durable'

soon here will be posted the following segment.

© 2015 - all the images material are copyrighted by the owners in this case the participants.

Dolo - Córdoba /
imange #1

imange #2
Dolo with the little Luz, from Córdoba - Argentina, looking towards Hotel Amazonas

Young Joo Lee - Seoul /
imange #1

imange #2

young lee , from seoul - south korea, seating towards Hotel Amazonas

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