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for sounds and more sounds
talk with riccardo mantelli but anyway he is coming in your way in rl and sl.
i came across riccardo in second life, and i can tell one thing, his sounds are coming strong in different ways
visually and audible. grabb it in his website www.riccardomantelli.com.


taste of things to come

peace demonstration by the performance group second front and friends in second life. the demo performance took place in the warzone last monday, the 14 of march 2007. more about it here www.slfront.blogspot.com and www.slfront.blogspot.com.


"to slide away from visuals and get deeper."

david hammoms attack again, check this village voice article by jerry saltz on davi's new show at L & M Arts in new york.

At L & M, Hammons adds his considerable feel for absence. Over the last 40 years this artist has made installations that entailed leaving a lot of galleries empty or semi-empty, notably the gigantic Ace Gallery in New York, which in 2002 he cast in total darkness, providing tiny blue flashlights with which to navigate, or his 1998 installation at the Kunsthalle in Bern that entailed a bluish light and the music of Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, among others. Hammons has said that he wants "to slide away from visuals and get deeper." At L & M, not only does Hammons do this; along the way he conjures thoughts of shamanism, politics, consumerism, animism, genre painting, animal rights, and jokes. Here, we're treated to a sensibility as barbed, serious, maybe fearsome, and as passionate as any in the art world.

read the resst of the article here


contemporary art and freedom

this work, that you posted with the email invite for your show at www.stock7.de/index_2.htm sounds very interesting john. could you tell us if it is a critic comment on the relation between art and museum or how art can became a prisoner instead of staying as a free thought or action which is the desire of most of real good artists for centuries.
duchamp, for sure, likes the thoght that everytime some bory goest to piss it can have an personal encounter with art in blisstful way.
more about john von bergen art here www.jvonb.com
to see his comment just go to comments.

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