the best art magazine around

vice is really doing the job. the kids at vice are doing an awesome job in reporting. from all over and about all kinds of interesting material from miserable street kids that are trying to survive or more likely to kill themselves as earlier as possible in odessa because their own  misery to the people that leave in the in cemetery in sierra leone. nothing new but the way they do correspond to fashion of skull and bones. that we are experiencing everywhere.

just out vice 02.08 interview with dan colen 

dan colen tell about his works.

richard prince give us some ideas about his work.


swoon at the moma

in berlin, may 2005, was the last time i saw swoon.

swoon post her art in walls all over the world.
now she had the opportunity to talk about her work in the moma.

regarding her work and artists that choose to work in the streets remains always the question, is possible and necessary to translate the work into a institutional or white cube setting?


beyond art

is hay in art a banal or a serious subject? alan ritch has been writing and posting a lot about it.

how about arborsculpture how serious is that art form if, acctually, it is one? or it is just design. somehow it has a long traditions tradition. here a nice piece in cabinet magazine about it.

why not

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