Jessica T.
Date: Sep 20 2006 03:04 PM

I work for Starbucks as a shift supervisor, and another barista I work with told me about this site...i am SOOO glad that she did. This is the perfect place for me to vent!!! I despise my manager, he is the biggest jerk you will ever meet. Firstly, he shows SOO much favourtism it's unbelieveable. My friend (who works with me) gave her sister her partner discount on a drink, and my manager found out and he wrote her up!! (apparatnly you can only do it when you are on break). Then this psycho other shift supervisor (whom my manager LOVES) rang thru a girls drink as a partner beverage (free drink) when she wasn't even working!! I was the manager on duty at the time and I didn't want it to come back to bite me in the @$$, so I told my manager about it, AND SHE DIDN'T GET IN ANY TROUBLE!! So I called partner resources (third party that listens to you bitch about how much you hate your job and foreards it to human resources) to complain about my manager, and it's been 8 weeks and I haven't heard of anything being resolved. Let's just say I am in the process of finding another job. My manager is racist (he favours people of his nationality, and only hires people of his naitonality...i was hired by another manager). So much for that respect and dignity guideline....

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