banana trauma

to prevent banana trauma
we need just get tha lovely sculpture looking fake banana
that will keep any banana from get traumatized.
isn't it cool.

FAQs about banana guard

Q: "Not all bananas are the same size or shape, so how can the Banana Guard fit them all?"
A: The Banana Guard was specially designed to accommodate the majority of banana sizes. Our testing indicates that over 90% of commercially available bananas will fit into the Banana Guard. Highly curved bananas can be straightened ever-so-slightly without harm to fit the Banana Guard shape. The opposite holds true of very straight bananas....

Q: "How can I clean it?"
A: The Banana Guard is made of a polypropylene plastic that can be safely placed in a dishwasher....

Q: "Is there a battery attachment?"
A: No. The Banana Guard was designed for its intended purpose only as a device to prevent banana trauma during transport.

cheers to thor eide at http://www.pbase.com

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