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this work, that you posted with the email invite for your show at www.stock7.de/index_2.htm sounds very interesting john. could you tell us if it is a critic comment on the relation between art and museum or how art can became a prisoner instead of staying as a free thought or action which is the desire of most of real good artists for centuries.
duchamp, for sure, likes the thoght that everytime some bory goest to piss it can have an personal encounter with art in blisstful way.
more about john von bergen art here www.jvonb.com
to see his comment just go to comments.

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  1. Hey Saul, cool to hear from you, and thanks for the email.

    Wow, interesting comment about that work. I made it in 2001, in a 3 person gallery show in NYC. The title "Anti-Precious Moment" in many ways gets closer to what I was thinking, but I have always been open to hearing outside interpretations of it... yours is quite good. Somehow it was a "moment" to fantasize about, a visceral experience that in many ways is not resolved, as to "what" is pulling "what", exactly. As for motivation behind it, there is not one particular statement trying to be made, I don't usually work like that, but consider whatever avenue is possible for finding an intense experience that leads to a new question. And during this time I was working quite a bit for NYC museums (perhaps the disgruntled art-handler inside me was trying to speak!).

    Stay in touch if you are in Berlin, I will be back next week, working hard for my next show for Berlin in September....

    All the best,



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