the art of wrinting and singing poetry

it was quite an evening last saturday at the mousonturm with susi asado singing songs from her new album "hello antenna"

and in between the reding from lyrics and poems coming from 4 different "dichters" and "dichterinnen" male and female poets in german. it was like an encounter of 4 different planets. intelligent text with a lot of fantasy and humor were thrown through the air of the studio space.

daniel falb while reading from his book BANCOR, get in a transe like and delivere an emphatic conversation with himself and the public and constructs a world or worlds. we will heard a lot from him in the future. maybe even an opera or a theater piece. and for sure good philosophic essays and books as well. here a little of his poetry.

BANCOR · Gedichte

"sagt eine erbse zur andern. die nachschublinien sind über und übermit wohngebieten bedeckt. rasen aus bürgerbüros.

wenn strukturen auf die straße gehen, was ist dann die straße.
und das obst, am strauch sekundenlang optimal konserviert."
ich zahlte in der lebensmittelabteilung und bekam das geld am auto-maten zurück, das an den bäumen wächst.

the whole thing here

uljana wolf reading her very funny new book "prosagedichte - falsche freunde" or prose poetry- false happiness, an "abc" of words in two languages that appear to be the same but actually do have a totally different meaning. german and english and other languages as well. as she translates poetry she know what she is writing and talking about. and it all done with a great portion of humor. not wondering why she got so many praise and prizes latelly.

monika rincks red from her book "helle verwirrung & ricks ding- und tierleben" in this book she brings together animals, machines and the poet herself in a strage day and situation.

daniela seel the publischer of "kookbook" red some of her new mobile. she call this evening mobiles labor for poesy as life form. quite an achievement. all regards to daniela the publisher and the poet. not to forget is the cool graphics gestaltung from andreas töpfer.

and susi asado with her own sweet style of writing, singing and playing the gitar and the akulele. not to forget that beautiful voice. at first you thinks she just a pretty fragile doll but after while, line by line and melody by melody she becomes bigger then the image that she portraits.

to grace the event was there also the lyric poet alexander gumz from textonlabel berlin, well done.

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