between_"the other" and "the self"_a video_stream

"apselut '08", 2009 by jorma foth

DV 13:35 min

2# act "the shape

The sculptural act present in video. Artists like; Matt Calderwood, Jorma Foth and Hanna Hildebrand, are able to include their sculptural practices in video works in a way that, really, make their ouvre complete. In the video works they do formulate and compose their "gesamtwerk". We can watch the video works of these artists and we can see, very clearly, the sculptural practice which they are engaged in. When we see one of their sculptures installations or performances we can observe how much it is embodied in the work of the motion that they need to complete the work. Their objects or sculpturual works appears to be in a static minimal motion picture. Be it performative or not; or if the video are included in the pieces or not. These artists are able to give a very intense visible form to their ideas.

The films from Gordon Matta-Clark are a very special case. His films, made mostly as documents of his action and performative sculptural practice, are a perfect example of combining disciplines with such a virtuosity. When you watch his films you almost have the sensation to be present in his sculptures and actions. His sculptural works and his films are a very good reference for the practice that artists like Jorma Foth and Hanna Hildebrand are engaged today. As one of the first to start practicing this kind of sculptural performative action, type of works, which were recorded in film, he did had the privilege to not need to bring his sculpture or rest of it to the white cube.

Even if the performative elements are very strong in the works of all this artists, through the videos or films that they produced, we can see that the core element of their practice is the sculptural act.

saul judd presents

between "the other" and "the self" a video_stream

2# act "the shape"

video works by

jorma foth

hanna hildebrand

video on

gordon matta-clark

interview with jorma foth

presentation of the work "A DISPLAY WITH A PURPOSE" by hanna hilderbrand
Date_9.12.2009, Time_7.00 - 10.00 pm
voges gallery, Neue Mainzer Strasse 1 - 60311 Frankfurt am Main

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