[tracking the in-n-visible]

[tracking the in-n-visible] is about the forces which propel changes without we actually be aware of it and which we are not able to control.

this forces are just pure energy!
they are harbored somewhere in our minds or entire body!
they are pure abstract forms!
they irritate us or they grace us with the tensions that they can create!

all these thoughts mentioned above can be reflected or not in [tracking the in-n-visible] a shown curated by saul judd at fondation gutzwiller where ayaka okutsu will show "lip off the future" a performance and installation and ruairiadh o'connell will do a room installation.

opening 1.10.2010 6pm
exhibition 01.10 - 30.10.2010
performance on the 1.10 from 6 pm
performance on the 2.10 from 5 pm

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